! 2020 Core Dates !




4:30pm & 5:30pm

Outside Ring - SUNDAY April 26th! Noon
(weather permitting)




Eligible teams who wish to reserve a working spot may email a request on or after the opening date(s) listed.

All former participants: to remain on the invite list, please RESPOND TO YOUR EMAIL invite, 
whether you wish to reserve or pass.



Reminder: There is no room for crating indoors.

The cost of this class is $18.00, (Cash/check payable to FLUGGLES).  There will be a self-serve sign-in sheet and pay-box in the lobby. Doors open 15 minutes prior to 1st class.


Reminder, this is not a public class.
If you have a friend or agility partner who is interested, have them contact Marty or Lynn.
We will communicate the pre-requisites and assist in their eligibility.


Activities are scheduled prior to and after this session. 
When you arrive, please give your dog a nice walk, then wait in our lobby until signaled to enter the training room.
All dogs should be on leash (limit 6') while on the facility grounds and remain on leash throughout our core class. 

Looking forward to seeing you enjoy the many benefits of CORE CLASS!