Outside Ring*

(*Pending Field Conditions)


RESCHEDULED: Tuesday, January 1, 2019: 12:00-2:00pm

STATUS: OPEN for reservations - EMAIL
Hot Cocoa and Donuts will be served!



2 JUMPERS courses will be nested: nov/open and open/ex/masters. 


Dogs MUST enter and exit the ring ON a lead, dogs may run with a FLAT collar or naked.   

There will be a warm-up jump setup outside the ring.

$5/run 2 minutes on course - 30 second alert.

New Year's Special - Pay for 2 runs get the third run free!

Remember, its YOUR 2 minutes - you do NOT have to run the course - you do not, and should not, attempt to perform obstacles you haven't trained. You may use your time to train an obstacle, cross train (rally, lifeskills, obedience), work a start line, reward connection, make up your own course, practice recalls, work a pattern (serp/180, 270), or  proof a specific obstacle. 


You can learn from watching how others utilize their training time.


Toys allowed (please keep squeaky toys away from the ring) - Food allowed - 

PLEASE DO NOT PLACE YOUR FOOD ON THE GROUND OR ON OBSTACLES - please do not use anything that leaves CRUMBS :-)



Smartydog Center For Canine Enrichment
312 East Johnson Ave
Cheshire, CT 203.272.2182