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photo by mike mcaeo

"Teeter" Workshop!

Tuesday, May 8, 2018

FULL for reservations -
Email to be on sub list

Location: Smartydog Center- Outside Ring
Instructor: Lynn Spagnesi
Cost: $40


This session will introduce fulcrum work. We will utilize your foundation tools to allow each dog to experience success. Activities are designed for dogs having solid touch plate and go to mat behavior and are ready to begin teeter work.  We will use a variety of fulcrum boards to give your dog experience in footwork, weight shifting and motor planning. This workshop is also useful for teeter experienced dogs who wish to "TUNE-UP" and increase their independence on the teeter.

-Can work around other dogs

-Yes! and OOPS markers
-stay/release word
-targeting, go to mat, table

Limited to 6 working spots - email to reserve your spot!
Note: Dogs will be working at stations, simultaneously, in partnerships and at times alone so handlers can learn from observing.
As a MAJOR portion of learning comes from watching other dogs, participants will be encouraged to observe each team.

Smartydog Center For Canine Enrichment
312 East Johnson Ave
Cheshire, CT